Bhatura Recipe | Bhature without Yeast


Cook Time: 2 hrs 15 mins
Quantity: 10 Bhaturas
Category: Parathas

Ingredients Quantity
All Purpose Flour / Maida 1 cup
Semolina / Rava / Sooji 2 tsp
Salt ½ tsp
Baking Powder ¼ tsp
Oil 1 tsp
Yogurt / Curd / Dahi 2 tsp
Water as required for Kneading
Oil as required for Deep-Fry

# Cooking Bhatura | Step by Step
1 In mixing bowl, add 1 cup of All Purpose flour (Maida), 2 tsp of Rava, ½ tsp of Salt, ¼ tsp of Baking Powder, 1 tsp of Oil and 2 tsp of Yogurt (Dahi).
2 Mix it well and add Water as required to knead the stiff dough.
3 Cover the dough with cloth and allow it to rest for 2 hrs.
4 After 2 hrs., knead the dough again for more 2 Min by dusting dry flour over it, take one small portion of the dough and start to roll 4 inch round Bhatura.
5 Then in a preheated Oil, put the Bhatura and flip over & deep-fry until golden brown from both the side.
6 Remove on kitchen towel so that excess Oil is removed from Bhaturas.
7 In a similar way, make all the Bhaturas and serve with Punjabi Chole.

As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Any recipe can be easily understood even with just a single image. Along with the steps above, you can also follow the pictorial representation given below. These are the major 9 steps while cooking Bhatura and will help you to see whether your dish is coming as exactly or closer to the recipe given. Follow these well and enjoy your cooking. Happy Cooking!

Steps to Prepare Bhatura

Useful Tips
– While frying the Bhatura, gently press the Bhaturas and spread Oil over it so that Bhatura puff up nicely.
– Size of Bhatura depends on choice.

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